Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Toyota on Facebook

Facebook is very popular nowadays. I think if you don't have one your not in. Facebook connects you to your families, relatives, friends, classmates and other people. It doesn't only cater people but it also caters places, things and even car. Everyday I see the commercial about people sharing their experience on Facebook when they got Toyota car. One commercial was about a family who had Toyota Camry that was passed on from the father to his daughters. It is a cute commercial though.

I wish I can also have my own car. I want to have a Toyota then maybe someday I can share my experience of having Toyota on Facebook too. I don't know when that someday will happen. I will need to really strive to get a better job so I can earn enough to save money so I can buy a car especially Toyota. I wish when I graduate from College I can find a job outside the country. Then for sure my dreams will easily come true. I know for a fact that in United States if you have a car you need to have insurance too. The insurance will pay for an accident, towing but not auto repair I guess. I might need to find a job that will pay more just to pay the car loan and the insurance.

As for now, I don't have any knowledge about cars. I wish I have so I will know how to check my car. Check engine light, fuel pump, tires, seats and everything about a car. Its better to check if everything is in good condition than not then the car might break down while your driving. Just like what happened to the car of my sister. Anyway, as for now its just a wish that someday might come true. I was just inspired by the commercial that's why now I do wish I will have one to call my own too.

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