Sunday, October 24, 2010

God is good...:)

Last Friday 22nd of Oct, my sister in law told me that she saw in the television advertisement that it has free checkup for breast in one of the mall here in Davao. When she asked me if I like to come with her I said yes. Because it’s been years that I am having a mass in my left breast so I grab the opportunity to have a check up for my left breast. It became big so I worried so much about it.

When we are in mall I got the priority number 409. The program has lecture for what is breast cancer all about, its causes, symptoms and etc. The artist Ms. Melissa De Leon is one of the speakers of the event. She is a breast cancer survivor. When waiting for my turn I am just listening to all the speakers. I made myself busy because honestly I am so nervous what will be the result of the test. When it is my turn the doctor fist asks me if I have a child I told him I don't have child. The doctor then asked me if I am still single then I answered yes. So he  asked me again if I can feel mass in my breast then I told him yes it is in my left breast. Then the doctor touches my breast looking for the mass. When he is holding it he said it is big. Then the doctor told me to go immediately to the biopsy room. Honestly I almost cry when I am in line in the biopsy room. I really stopped my tears. I am thinking that what if it is positive what I will do. What happen to me, to my family, to my finance? So many questions I really can't find answers.
When it is my turn for biopsy I was so nervous. I saw the needle that will get sample blood from breast it was so long. I think it is 3 inches long. I asked the doctor if it is painful but he said no. He asked me where is the mass in my breast I point it then he put the injection and get blood to my breast. I really cry. Yes I cry because of the pain, the nervous and scared for the result will be. Then the doctor said that wait for the result. My sister in law and me waited for the result. But the staff is so busy so I decided to go to the examination room then waited there for the result. When waiting I am praying to the almighty One to guide me that if it is positive please help me to accept it. I was thinking about my finance what will be his reaction. Can he accept it? So many questions that putting in my mind. I don't  know what to think at that time. When I received the piece of paper the examiner told me to go to the doctor and show the paper to know what result is. I read what is written in the paper I read negative malignant cells. The smile in my face appears. My sister in law looked at me and I hear no words but I can see in her eyes asking question what it is. I told her nothing coz I want to know that the doctor will tell me if it is really out of danger. When I show it to the doctor the doctor then face me with a big smile then say that it is not cancerous. I really cried and my sister in law is so happy when she knows it is negative.
I really thank God. He never leaves me. God is so good. I know I am a sinner but He always holding my hands and show me that life is really wonderful. Be thankful in everything He has given to me. All the things happen in my life I know that it has purpose. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for always protecting me. You are my hero.

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