Saturday, February 12, 2011

My 3 siblings

I was so pleased listening to my three siblings. They are comparing their schools. My twin brothers are in one school and our youngest is in different school. My sister is so proud of her school coz her school received hundreds of rewards. And it is so funny they are talking about how much the school spent by making the said school. As if it is really matter. They are also boasting their announcer in their school. They are boasting to each other if how many comfort room and canteen they have. My sister is so noisy she doesn’t want to lose boasting her school.

For me both schools are nice. My sister’s school is really nice. Of course I am alumnus of that school. Love your own. Hehehe. Also my brothers’ school is nice too. It is so strict. The principal really hands on. Making sure all the teachers guide their own students. The principal even go to the school every weekend to clean the school.

Just hope that both schools give my siblings good education and guide them in a good ways.

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